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Stop the discrimination and violence against gays, lesbian, bisexual and transgenders in the world

                               equal rights now


Any form of violence against gays, lesbian, transgenders, .. goes in against the principles of Hinduism.

Hinduism do  not condemns homosexuality. The holy scriptures do not condemns homosexuality. From the Hindu point of view there is nothing wrong with it.The old Hindu- scripitures describe homosexuality as the 3rd sex. Under the 3rd sex not only gay men fall but also lesbian, bisexual, transgenders, …. . One of the most common miscinceptions about the 3th sex is that it only refers to the transgenders or intersex, people how have the sings of both sexes. In the Vedic civilization, more than 2000 years ago, people of the 3rd sex where treated with respect.

The Garuda Purana proclaims; whatever the sex of the child- whether male, female or third sex (napumsaka) - it is born in the ninth or tenth month.” 
This clearly shows that they did not thought that it was unnatural.
No, they regarded as normal.

There is nowhere in the Law books, Smitri, that punish people of the 3rd sex for their specific behavior. The Manu Smitri, Narada Smirti and Yajnavalkiya Smitri  proclaims that people of the 3rd sex must be maintained by the family. The Artha Shastra forbid speaking ill of people of the 3rde sex  whereby thy come to be in a bad light. Nowhere  the scriptures forbid sex between people of the 3rd sex.


Any Form of violence against gays, lesbian, bisexual, transgenders, …. has nothing to do with Hinduism. Everybody has to tread them with the greatest respect and love. This is what Hinduism dictate.

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