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Stop the voilence against women
in India and the rest of the World

Stop het geweld tegen vrouwen in India en de rest van de Wereld


Any form of voilence againts woman, in tought word or deed , goes in against the principles of Hinduism.

Hinduism has great respect for woman. Woman are regarded as Devi or the Divine Mother ( God in his aspect of Divine mercy). They are considerd as a manifestation of the Divine Mother. In Hinduism there is absolute equality of men and woman. Of the sacred scriptures shines very clearly the high respect for woman.

Here are some examples:

-Manu Smitri ( the most important lawbook): “ Where woman are honounerd, 

there the gods are pleased, but where they are not honoured there no sacred 

rite is fruitfull.”

- Manu Smitri: “ the woman who always does good, who is efficient is work, 

 sweet in speech, devoted to her duty and service of her husband, is really 
 no human being, but a Goddess.”

- Mahabaratha, Anisasana parva, XLVI : Bishma: “ respect, kind treatment 
 and everything that is agreeable, should all be giving to the maiden whose 
 hand is taken in marriage.”… … “ Woman should always worshipped and 
  treated with affection. … there where woman   are not worshipped there all 
  acts become fruitless.”


Any form of violence against woman has nothing to do with Hinduism. Everybody has to treat a woman with the greatest respect, love and tenderness. This is what Hinduism dictate.

Lees ook hoofdstuk 10 over de vrouw. Voorlopig nog niet in het engels
Read also chapter 10 about woman in Hinduism.
At the present moment not yet in English

Elke vorm van geweld tegen vrouwen gaat regelrecht in tegen
Al hetgene waar het Hindoeïsme voor staat

Foto: http//fr.wikipedia.org. ik gebruik foto's van wikipedia omdat hierop meestal geen
auteurdrechten staan

This article was written on 2 april 2013 and placed on this date

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